I’m making myself dizzy! I just looked in my “little black book” of the upcoming weeks and, holy cow, I’m busy! All of it fun, however. Besides a couple more flying-for-work trips for the month of April, I’m scheduled to speak in lots of places in the next two months. Want to join me in…let’s see…..Pierre, South Dakota, Grand Junction, Colorado, Denver, Dallas, Texas and Minneapolis? Whew. Good thing I know how to pack…quickly!

And, right in the middle that busy schedule, I’m taking my niece and a dear friend…..to the white beaches and blue water of Cancun, Mexico! My dear friend, Rosa, lives there and we’re “bunking” in her Beach House. Rosa has a lineup of wonderful things for us to see and do. For me? I can’t wait to just find a comfy chair on the beach and just stare for hours on end!