Holy cow…what a couple of months it’s been. I was determined to Blog, if not daily, then very often. Then life got in the way. Can you imagine?

I have lots to share. May was a super busy and fun month as I did many speaking gigs. I was in Pierre, South Dakota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Dallas, Texas, Grand Junction, Colorado as well as several talks in and around Denver. I had a ball, met wonderful people and have been shown, once again, that this is my passion. My fees keep going up and I’m thrilled about that! Every place I speak I am warmly welcomed and accepted. The book signing is always fun as I have time then to chat with the audience members. Everyone has a story. As I’ve said before, everyone has a book in them, but not all want to write or share their lives. I love the one on one talks and sharing. Even though I’m told by people near and dear to me that I talk “all the time,” I do listen, as well. And I am convinced, if talking is what I do best, I should be doing more, right? 😉
I’ll be back…..stayed tuned.