Well, it just amazes me. One can live a “normal” life day in and day out, year in and year out. Sometimes we make a difference; sometimes we don’t. Then, out of the blue, this guy Steven Slater, gets angry, yells at passengers, grabs a beer and then blows a slide. Now he is basking in the glory of his fifteen minutes of fame. Somehow it doesn’t seen either “fair” or “right.” Maybe that’s because I work in the same industry and I can’t imagine being in that plane with him. Wonder how he was to work with that day or any other day, for that matter. There are usually three flight attendants on the planes I work on. Every so often one of them isn’t someone we’d like to have over for dinner but hey, you just deal with it. Very, very often a passenger will get on our last nerve. Happens all the time and very rarely do any of us actually say what we’re thinking! I try to remember…..each day…..that many of these people are completely out of their element. I know how that feels. I’ve been of my element at times. My favorite time was years ago, in my previous life, in the mountains, working in our ski shop. We used to laugh at the “guests” asking how long before it would snow, when it would stop, how many inches we would get….and one of my favorites, “When do the deer turn into Elk?” or better yet, “Where do you store the “fake” snow in the summer time?” While in Cancun one time, waiting for our boat captain to take us out snorkeling, he arrived at the boat to tell us that it was too windy to go that day. Know what I said? “Will it be too windy tomorrow?” Oh brother……..