I was up early this morning….earlier than usual. My husband spoke at an Optimist Club breakfast this morning. I love to go with him and hear him speak, although I’ve heard him lots and lots of times. Funny, I’m always inspired by his talks. He’s so positive and inspiring. I find it strange that I’m even saying that. Now, Ernie isn’t my first husband; not my second either, I’m rather ashamed to admit. But, I got it right this time. I always longed for/dreamed of being with someone that “got it” like I “got it.” You know, being on the same page in life? I don’t take for granted, at all, the fact that we think quite a lot alike on a great many subjects and it’s refreshing. Now, don’t get me wrong. Perfection isn’t even possible so I don’t wish for that. I’m not perfect either! But I can tell you that many mornings, especially now that it’s summer and we can sit outside on our deck in the mornings having our coffee together, we embark on some terrific conversations. Like yesterday. Ernie is writing a book (his 8th in his Maxwell Winston Series) about how animals can teach us so much about life and love and trust and on and on and on. It’s called “And The Animals Shall Teach Us” and he’s having such fun collecting and writing stories about a variety of animals and their magnificent talents that we humans don’t even have. We had a great conversation yesterday about when and why humans began eating animals. And why certain animals and not others. I mean cows but not horses; pigs but not dogs. We went off on a thought provoking conversation with all kinds of twists and turns. It was great fun. No, we never did totally figure out the why’s but we had some great ideas.

I guess on this beautiful summer evening I’m feeling blessed about so much in my life. Have you counted your blessings today?