Wow! It’s been a week, for sure! We’ve been waiting for the arrival of my husband’s daugher and her husband’s first child…”our” first grandchild. We’ve known it was going to be a girl so I’ve been stockpiling huge amounts of anything pink. We are sharing little Lily Alexandria (6lb. 9 oz, 21 inches) with Kate’s mom, Carla…and Al, and Dmitri’s mom, Pat.

We shall wait our turn and anticipate a wonderful time with Lily in the near future. Pansacola, FL is a great place to spend time…anytime! Thank God for Skype, in the meantime. We’ve seen little Lily resting peacefully on Kate’s chest, witnessed the tired new mom and dad….and a bewildered Charlotte, the dog! Lots to adjust to all around. I remember those days. They pass in a blur, I think. Soon, all will become routine and each day will bring another miracle…just watching a child grow. We are so honored to be a part of Lily’s life. Ernie is now GrandDad and me? I’m GrandMary!