Holy cow. I’ve heard of someone getting on your last nerve but this Jet Blue flight attendant, Steven Slater must have really just had enough! It’s the talk of all of us in the airline business. I just flew in for an overnight in Dallas and it’s just the buzz. Funny, really. We can all understand how this can happen. Would we ever really do it? I highly doubt it. Have we ever thought about it? You bet! The Mitch Albom Radio Show just called me to have me on as a guest….either today or in the very near future. My books have stories…for sure….but I try to focus on the positive side of flying and the flying public. But, the truth be told, I could have written the other side of flying. Sometimes I’m amazed at the dress “code,” the questions asked and the pure craziness of the airline industry. Stay tuned. I’m sure there’s more talk coming…….