Award-winning Author & Inspirational Speaker

Award-winning author and inspirational speaker Mary Catherine Carwile weaves stories that pull you in and make you feel as though you’re sitting face to face, sipping tea, visiting with an old friend.  At an age when all her friends were retiring, Mary took a leap of faith.  She became a flight attendant…a huge leap, as she was one of those fearful flyers. HEARTSTRINGS AT 35,000 FEET tells stories based on her own experiences in the air.  The flavor of her first book is evident by the fact that her stories have been published in the New York Times best selling books, Chicken Soup for the Soul.

In Carwile’s second book, HEARTSTRINGS AND PINK RIBBONS, the reader is filled with hope and courage.  Mary shares her own breast cancer journey, as well as those who have been touched by cancer.

Speaker Presentation "Soaring Above the Turbulence"

Your inspirational presentation was so heartwarming.  You have an uncanny ability to take us from laughter to tears in a few short words.  Your books and your talk, together or separately, are an inspiration to us all.  Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us” Linda B., Winter Park, Colorado

“What an inspiration and heartfelt program about her life experiences dealing with divorce and breast cancer.  Anyone who hears Mary speak can feel her joy, her sorrows and will experience her strength of overcoming some of life’s challenges.  You’ll leave knowing you can soar above your own turbulence.”  Except from a National Newsletter

$12.95 + $2.95 Shipping!


$12.95 + $2.95 Shipping!


Award Winning Author • Motivational & Inspirational Speaker • Flight Attendant • Survivor



“Dear Mary Catherine Carwile,
When I announced my cancer had returned, the outpouring of compassion and support I received was overwhelming. I appreciate that you took time from your busy schedule to think about me. Your kindness lifts my spirits and your caring touches my heart. Thank you so much for sharing your book [Heartstrings and Pink Ribbons] and for your encouraging words.”  - Elizabeth Edwards (wife of Senator John Edwards)

“Hey, Y’all,
I just had to drop a note and thank you for the wonderfully unexpected gift [Heartstrings at 35,000 Feet] you sent to me! I’m genuinely touched you would think of me in such a kind way. Thank you so very much. I send you love and the best dishes from my kitchen to yours!”   - Paula Deen (Best selling author, Host of Paula’s Home Cookin’)